Most Effective Areas of Implementation

At YuraMed, we treat diseases as an imbalance that is triggered or modified by factors such as nutrition, substances, toxins, stress, and sleep insufficiency, among others. The success of Functional Medicine is based on an individual approach and an in-depth review of your life patterns. For example, let’s examine someone who drinks 5-7 cups of coffee a day. Caffeine overuse may lead to a constellation of symptoms such as insomnia, anxiety, palpitations, urinary incontinence, and even excessive fatigue. In a modern, time constrained doctor visit, this patient will receive a pill for insomnia, a pill for anxiety, a pill for urinary incontinence and a referral for an expensive cardiac test. All of this may be avoided with an attentive initial review that would expose the root causes of the patient’s energy/metabolism issues on a cellular level. Using these findings, we would implement dietary changes, along with sleep restoration coaching.

Fatigue Epidemic & Overall Well-Being

It is in our nature to live a vibrant life, full of energy and enthusiasm. In this day, even with unbelievable technological and medical advancements, Americans are dealing with unprecedented rates of chronic fatigue, sleep issues, mood disorders, mental “fog”, sexual dysfunction and severe headaches. Additionally, many people have undiagnosed nutritional deficiencies that lead to a dysfunctional mitochondria, our cellular energy generators. Functional Medicine creates a balanced lifestyle by implementing a healthy nutrition plan and mind-body techniques. It’s a lifestyle that boosts your immune system, reduces stress, increases energy levels, making you less prone to infections, and even possibly prevent cancer.

Obesity and Diabetes

First and foremost, treatment of Obesity and Diabetes begins in the grocery aisle.  Obesity is considered as the body’s adaptation mechanism to deal with toxins and disruptive substances. Functional medicine dives deeply into the nutritional properties of food and their healing abilities. With the support and coaching of the practitioner, you will apply these concepts to create personalized nutrition plans, to detoxify, and bring a balance to your digestive and metabolic systems.

Digestive Problems

Industrialized farming rapidly increased the use of pesticide, antibiotics, and contributed to heavy processing and modification of foodstuff. These changes drastically deteriorated the nutritional content of our meals, leading to a higher rate of digestive issues. Functional Medicine will review frequently overlooked factors, such as maintaining a healthy gut biome, the concept of “leaky gut” syndrome, and common food sensitivities.

Cardiovascular Prevention

Cardiovascular diseases and complications are the leading cause of death in United States. Current approach is oriented around treating heightened lipids and using aspirin as the main prevention method. Functional Medicine approaches cardiovascular complications thoroughly, considering chronic stress, chronic inflammation, lack of activity and nutritional factors. This offers a much more effective and proactive take on the optimal cardiovascular system.

Autoimmune Diseases

Many autoimmune diseases such as Rheumatoid Arthritis, Crohn’s Disease, Eczema/Psoriasis, Thyroiditis are fueled by chronic inflammation state, stress, and dietary triggered inflammation. The practitioner will review your natural body toxin elimination systems and work to augment them. Proper management of inflammation triggers in combination with stress reduction techniques, create unprecedented success in treating autoimmune disease, even in severe cases.

Chronic Pain

A “pill for every ill” attitude resulted in over-prescribing narcotics and created an opiate misuse epidemic. We focus on chronic inflammation and mind-body disintegration to alleviate neuropathic and neurogenic chronic pain. Careful examination of environmental triggers and mediators of pain can lead to surprising findings.

YuraMed Functional Medicine Treatments are coming soon in Summer 2017!