We believe that wellness is a state of enjoyment of life when body and mind are harmoniously functioning to fulfill a sense of purpose.

Try This Exclusive YuraMed Wellness Program If You Need To:

• Improve energy, physical and mental performance

• Address sleep problems, get stress/anxiety under control

• Improve concentration, mood and sense of well-being

• Improve metabolism, digestion and boost immunity

• Prevent chronic disease or improve chronic disease management besides just taking pills

• Alleviate chronic pain or find out why you do not feel well instead of suppressing symptoms

Well-being comes from well-doing. The best way to get healthier is to take a healthy action! Every journey starts with a first step!
YuraMed Way To Wellness Has Three Steps:

1. Explore your story

We focus on YOU, your values, goals and beliefs. The better we know you – the stronger physician-patient relationships we build – the more effective treatment outcomes we achieve.

2. Find root causes of your health problems

We move diagnostic approach to the next level with Functional Medicine laboratory tests to discover imbalances in digestion, nutrition, hormonal status and genetics.

3. Implement Lifestyle Medicine Treatments

• Nutrition – Core Food Plan, Cardio-Metabolic Food Plan, Medical Grade Dietary Supplements and IV Vitamins Therapy

• Detox - Detox Food Plan with Metabolic Nutritional Support - Enhancing Toxins Elimination

• De-stress - Practical strategies on stress management along with science-based Biofeedback and Aromatherapy.

For successful implementation of these programs, we have a team of dedicated health coaches ready to assist your health transformation.

When to consider Functional Medicine?

Functional medicine answers the question “Why?”, addressing the root cause of illness and disease. Approximately 45% of America’s population, 133 million, live with at least one chronic disease such as obesity, hypercholesterolemia, high blood pressure, diabetes. Far too frequent, the spotlight is on what the symptom is. The focus becomes a quick diagnosis, followed by a quick solution. This approach is influenced by the promotional efforts of the pharmaceutical industry. In the US, we spend $425 billion a year on medicine, seeking a short-term solution to a long-term problem. If you’re curious why you experience fatigue, sleeping difficulties, or mood issues, perhaps you need a more comprehensive approach than a 10-minute appointment and a prescription. A Functional Medicine approach addresses the root cause of the problem. It explores all factors that may impact you, such as environmental conditions, daily habits, nutrition, stress management, genetics and illness. It takes the time to get to know you fully, to create a personalized treatment plan that puts you at the center. Functional Medicine invests in developing self-care skills and building a proactive lifestyle. Utilizing knowledge of systems biology, nutrition, environmental dangers, as well as proper coaching, Functional Medicine works to improve your health from the inside out. You set your goals, and we will work together to achieve them.

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