5 Steps to Optimal Health


STEP 1 - Defining Your Goals Based on your Story

Once signed up, you will be suggested to complete online forms before your first appointment. This gathered information will help us to be effective and comprehensive in your care from day one. On your first meeting with Dr. Ilkovych, we will go over your current health needs to help YOU to achieve your goals based on your mindset, life values and lifestyle.  

STEP 2 - Understanding Your Health Matrix

Next, we will analyse your Health Matrix Image created by algorithms of our unique software that analyses your health story, in order to look for imbalances in your main health functions:

1. Defense and Repair

2. Energy

3. Detox

4. Internal Transport

5. Communication Between Systems

6. Structural Integrity

7. Assimilation

This tool sheds light on barriers to your optimal health. We also go over fundamental principles of Functional Medicine that increases your awareness of:

• Chronic inflammation and chronic diseases

• Nutritional deficiencies and healthy nutrition

• Leaky gut phenomenon and food sensitivities

• Energy production on the cellular level

• Toxins that affect our health etc.

STEP 3 - Testing

We thoughtfully use state-of-the-art diagnostic tests on the digestive, cellular, hormonal and genetic levels to determine the root causes of your health concerns.

STEP 4 - Therapeutic Interventions Plan

Based on your Health Matrix and gathered information we develop a treatment plan that may involve one or more therapies, such as:

• Dietary Interventions: 

o Detox Food Plan 

o Core Food Plan

o Cardio-Metabolic Food Plan

​ ​

• ARK Stress Recovery Program 

• Nutraceuticals, vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, etc. 

​ ​​

• Prescribed Medicine - if needed 

STEP 5 - Lifestyle Coaching and Community Support

Our program is designed to empower you to take charge of your health and grow self-awareness and self-care. When you are a part of a community that prioritizes healthy living, you are more motivated and encouraged to pursue optimal health choices. A strong healthy community is proven to be the most prominent factor in boosting motivation for exercises, destructive habit breaking, and building a healthy attitude towards food.

We invite you to join our community at www.umbhealth.com to meet other healthcare professionals, coaches, and other people with a health oriented outlook. We invite you to share information, support each other, and become a part of an energetic health movement!