Here at YuraMed Health & Beauty we use advanced technology such as our Professional Skin Analysis Machine! Along with a consultation It will help us chose the ideal treatment for you!

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YuraMed Spa Treatments Based On Three Core Principles:

1. Customized

You are unique and so is your skin. That’s why we developed results-oriented programs that start with exploring your concerns and performing skin analysis with technology. Next, you will receive a consultation with a customized skin care plan that utilizes treatments with continuous home-care recommendations.

2. Natural and science-based

We use advanced effective modalities with safety in mind:

• PRP provides amazing anti-aging results using your own blood rejuvenating properties

• STEM CELL TECHNOLOGY – skin rejuvenation with latest advances in bio-signaling science


• IPL – treats unwanted hair, acne, rosacea and hyperpigmentation, rejuvenates skin

• LED THERAPY – promotes healing and treats acne by FDA-approved brand

• YURAMED SIGNATURE MICRONEEDLING – a unique combination of microneedling, stem cell technology, LED therapy and Eminence products

3. Comprehensive

Skin is a mirror of your inner health. Often, improvement of skin problems is achievable only with addressing underlying causes. What makes us unique is that we utilize principles of Functional Medicine with a deeper look at your hormonal status, nutrition or digestion. This helps us to find answers and achieve results that you have been looking for.